Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Let's get serious!

Hey Stamp fam, 

I would like to be serious for a moment and talk with you about our hobby or rather make a case for why we need to involve our youth more. I know this blog is mostly filled with funny pictures, bad puns and awesome stamp pictures and this post will of course be no exception but I want us all to take a hard look at the future of philately and why it is so important to be inclusive. 

I know, I've harped on about this before but, it appears that some of us are still not listening and that concerns those of us in the community who want to see philately continue to grow. I am not saying that the hobby is dying but, if we don't take any action, the newer generations may not take up the tongs and continue in our places. I can imagine what you are thinking, how on Earth do we compete with today's technology, movies and video games? Well, the answer is simple, don't. Many postal outfits are applying the old "if you can't beat em, join em" adage and are releasing stamps with modern themes. Case in point, the USPS released a series of Harry Potter themed stamps back in November 2013. Just recently in October of this year, according to their website, "celebrated Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary with Forever stamps that depict the iconic DC Comics Super Hero during four eras of comic book history." Now THAT is progress!

But, it isn't just the United States who are getting on board, back in May of this year Canada Post released a set of 50th anniversary Star Trek stamps and collectibles and as a major Trekkie I was very pleased. Just last year in April CP also released a set of stamps depicting Dinosaurs and a sequel in May 2016 with the tag line, "Predator or prey? There’s more than meets the eye in Dinos of Canada stamp sequel." Brilliant. Do you know how CP chose to advertise their newest series? They put in an ad before a movie in Cineplex. Doubly brilliant. Just think how many young people that ad may have reached. Sure, a few of them probably scoffed and said, "chya, like I give a crap about stamps" but maybe a few of the nerdier and in my opinion more awesome children though that stamp collecting looks like it might be fun. 

I'm not saying that every kid will take an interest when there are so many distractions around but, if we never try to involve them then we will never know for sure. Now, enjoy the following photos and my terrible captions below! 

Look at history coming to life! 

Just look at the joy on their faces! It doesn't get any better than this. :) 

Middle school students exploring a stamp exhibit, just look at that engagement!  

Any potterheads out there!? Luna!!! 

Yaaaaaaaaas queen! 

What are you waiting for? Get your children involved today! 

What do you think? Leave your comment below! 

Stamp Geek.

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