Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Modernize your life!

Is modern only good as postage?

Almost every time I get a piece of mail from a dealer the envelope is covered with modern stamps being used as postage. Now, don't get me wrong I can see the appeal in using modern in place of postage stamps: the cover could be worth something some day, used modern is scarcer than mint and it does look absolutely brilliant when done right but, what kind of message does this send? That modern stamps are to be used as postage because they are not as good as classic stamps.

Consider this, these stamps that we are sticking to envelopes and sending off into the postal service will one day be deemed classic. They will be scarce in mint condition and will therefore go up in value (in theory). If this happens, what will you dry your tears with, your pile of used covers covered in modern stamps!? Modern stamps are not just postage, there are real life philatelists collecting them as we speak and enjoying them just as much as classic stamps. Just remember that everything gets old eventually and you don't want to find yourself missing your chance with modern. Think about it.

Don't mail our future in Philately away, stand up and say, "modern is just as good as classic and we won't take it anymore!!!" 

What do you think of the modern as postage craze? Leave a comment down below! 

Stamp Geek, out! 

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