Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Check Out My Boards on Pinterest

In order to illustrate the amazing variety of topics and subjects that exist on stamps, I have created 33 boards on Pinterest,each of which contains images of stamps that feature different subjects. I am in the process of editing the pin descriptions to add notes about the subject matter, but the images are available for your enjoyment.

Beautiful Canadian Stamps

This is my largest board with over 400 pins. The stamps are mostly from the classic period before 1960. I created this to show the beautiful colours and workmanship that defined our early stamps. To view this board, click on the following link:


Canadian History on Stamps

Many of Canada's stamps issued since the 1950's depict events that shaped Canadian history, places or important figures. I created this board for those stamps. It only has 31 pins, as I have just started posting the modern stamps, but there will be many more in the coming months:


Architecture on Canadian Stamps

I created this board for those stamps that feature architecture or famous Canadian buildings:


Sports and Recreation on Canadian Stamps

There are many stamps from our country that depict sports or otherwise commemorate specific sporting events. This board was created for those stamps:


Art on Canadian Stamps

Canada's large number of artists have featured heavily on Canada's stamps over the last 50 years. This board was created to showcase the stamps that feature their work:


Toronto History Depicted on Stamps and Postal History

Some of Canada's stamps depict aspects of Toronto's history and there are many postal history items that have survived, such as business envelopes from early in the city's history that give us a glipmse into the past. I created this board to share images of those items:


Ontario History Depicted on Stamps and Postal History

I created this board mostly for postal history and postcards that show images from other locations in Ontario:


British Columbia History Depicted on Stamps and Postal History

Many readers would be surprised to learn that prior to 1872, British Columbia had its own postage stamps. Vancouver Island was also a separate colony. Afterward, it used the stamps of Canada, so I have created this board to showcase those stamps as well as early postal history of that province:


Newfoundland  History Depicted on Stamps and Postal History

Newfoundland did not join Canada until 1949, and so it had its own stamps for over 80 years, issuing more than 250 different designs during this time. The stamps of this province are some of the most beautiful ever produced anywhere, and are scarce to boot. I created this board to showcase these stamps:


New Brunswick History on Stamps and Postal History

Like BC and Newfoundland, New Brunswick also had stamps of their own for a brief time until they joined confederation in 1867. The first issues of this small province are some of the rarest and most valuable in all the British Empire. At the same time, the Cents issue of 1860-1867 is very affordable in mint condition. This board will illustrate these stamps and other aspects of New Brunswick's history as seen on postage stamps:


Nova Scotia History on Stamps and Postal History

Nova Scotia had very similar stamps to New Brunswick originally, and like its Acadian cousin, the first issues are very rare and valuable. The second issue, also called the Cents Issue covering the same time period is also very affordable and is probably one of the few issues that you can still find in full sheets of 100. This board was created to show those as well as aspects of Nova Scotia's history shown on Canada's stamps after confederation:


Prince Edward Island History on Stamps and Postal History

Even Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province had their own stamps until 1873. This board was created for those stamps and other stamps that show the history of the province:


The History of Transportation on Postage Stamps

The history of transportation in the form of ships, planes, trains and automobiles has been a popular topic that has featured on many tens of thousands of postage stamps. This board was created for those of you who are interested in transportation related topics and would like to see what the world of stamps has to offer:


These are just a few of the many boards that I have created for you to check out. I hope you enjoy them. My next posts will look at some of the interesting and cool stamps from various countries around the world.

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